23 Sep
September 23, 2020

strimingovogo service administration blocked Twitch channel commentator Arena VeRsuta Zurabyan. About bath became known on the night of September 19. What was the reason for the shutdown channel – is unknown. Zurabyan himself has not commented on the ban. This is the second lock VeRsuta channel on Twitch. First he received in August 2020. Then Zurabyan did not disclose any details about the situation, but after five days, the ban was lifted. In August Twitch platform Maincast blocked channels of CS: GO, the player in Dota 2 Zaur Cooman Shakhmurzayev, Daniel Zeus Teslenko Alexander s1mple Kostyleva Vladimir bratishkinoff Bratishkina, rapper Kyivstoner and other content creators. During the week, most of them were released. https://ballparkme.com/navi-needs-changes-again-the-current-roster-has-no/


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