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November 21, 2020
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funds are safu

“There was a possible ETH chain split at block ,” tweeted Changpeng Zhao the CEO of Binance. “Etherscan and Blockchair are showing two different chains and data after this block. Binance promised to cover the losses using an emergency reserve, its Secure Asset Fund for Users, commonly referred to as “SAFU,” and the exchange is conducting a one-week review of its security standards. In the meantime, the exchange has disabled deposits and withdrawals, but trading itself will continue. “We beg for your understanding in this difficult situation,” Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO,wrote in a blog post. Well, the crypto community proud itself in bringing new terms and lingo in the cryptosphere and it is much influenced by Wall Street stock traders.

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  • A recent example of this was seen when Chinese exchange FCoin announced it would be suddenly closing down, without paying back millions of dollars it owed to its users.
  • Due to the nature of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, fears often abound when trading is suddenly paused.
  • However, the feeling now is that the behemoth exchange may have over stretched itself and taken on more than it can handle.

Lambda is the only provider of block-chain storage infrastructure projects in China. The main reason is because it is easier to send to several addresses rather than doing them individually. Subscribe to our telegram channels to receive all the news and materials on time. In response to the alert, Binance acted to remove all existing API keys and has requested all API users to recreate their API keys — stressing that customers who are not regular API users should not create an API key for the time being. Whenever you give us your personal data, you must consent to its collection and use in accordance with our privacy policy. Popular SAFU memeWhat are your thoughts on the Binance system maintenance? Another announcement will be made once the maintenance is complete.

The hackers drained the exchange’s hot wallets, taking 7,000 bitcoin, worth approximately $41 million, in a single transaction. Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange by volume, and the world’s largest tether exchange, has been hacked. According to sources in the region, WeChat is currently a dominant funds are safu channel for OTC cryptocurrency transactions in China. The dramatic rise in the value of cryptocurrencies has made them an attractive target for cyberattacks. While most attacks are done through social engineering, there are several technical hacks that can avoided with the proper security precautions.

funds are safu

If Binance continues to offer poor service while its competitors continue to grow, the major exchange could be in for a bit of a shock as traders look to more welcoming platforms like PrimeXBT and BitMEX. For example, BitMEX is such a platform that is in competition with Binance. They were the first to offer traders the ability to long or short the market with up to 100x leverage before anyone else did, and long before Binance. But even with this long history, BitMEX is not immune to its own controversies with a recent user email address leak highlighting a very poor standard of safety. However, these performance issues were only part of the problem as prior to this there were also reports that the exchange was experiencing a rare shortage of Tether when major traders tried to place longs.

The insurance fund will be used to pay outstanding loans of liquidated margin accounts. Because, this was a multi-send transaction of a token to several addresses. The token balance for this address is not equal to the number of incoming transactions. You don’t need to be a professional in trading, all this we do for you. Binance has now resumed services after it announced the suspension of all trading and withdrawals Wednesday, July 3.

Returning the value of data to data owners is an inevitable trend in line with human pursuit of freedom. The block-chain technology with P2P features provides an opportunity for this, and this area will be highly valued by the industry in the next few years.

Regular users of the Web application and mobile app were not affected by the issue but an engine restart was required. By having such a big client base, but not giving them what they need, or require, Binance could quickly turn their users off and into the arms of other margin trading platforms which are coming to the fore.

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After the abnormal trading activity was spotted, Binance announced it would undergo system maintenance, suspending trading and withdrawals. We hope bitcoin bonus you can use this information — and information in our previous issues — to determine which exchange, wallet or lending platform is right for you.

They join the Lambda network as miners and take advantage of their surplus server capacity to engage in the Lambda network ecology. The key milestones we are looking at is the launch of test-net, where miners can start mining and earn testing Lamb tokens, the date will be around end of Jan. 2019 and main network will go live in Q2, 2019, most likely in Apr. 3.Innovatively modified the PDP algorithm from synchronous to asynchronous communication, which greatly reduces the communication traffic for Challenge in the system. Use of chain data as a random seed for storage miners to issue Challenge themselves addresses the randomness of TPA challenges. In recent years, there have been frequent data leakage problems in major Internet platforms at home and abroad, and even business giants such as Facebook and Marriott have not been spared.

funds are safu

Our Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings subscribers are staking one of their coins for about 7%. In our low- to negative-yield world, that’s nothing to turn your nose at. And the best part is, unlike other exchanges, Binance.us won’t take a cut of any fees you collect. It has 2-Factor Authentication and “Know-your-customer” https://www.binance.com/ verification requirements for all three account levels. But neither of them accommodate the small, little-known DeFi-related cryptos that have been setting the crypto world on fire lately. At the moment, the SAFU Wallet Google Chrome site is not available after requests from the community to delete the extension.

Users will be given some time to cancel existing orders, deposit, withdraw and use other account functions before trading resumes. However, the system maintenance is taking longer than expected due to data synchronization issues at the exchange. The team at Binance has since issued the following binance block users announcementregarding the extension. At around 5am UTC, the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, informed loyal clients of the exchange, that they were having issues with one of their Databases. The tweet went on to explain that a number of API users will not be able to see their orders correctly.

funds are safu

As crypto and traditional markets alike took a plunge during the global pandemic, and as toilet paper became the world’s hot commodity, crypto memers quickly got to work. First spotted in May of 2014 on a Russian forum, the original image was met with little fanfare and remained that way until it reached the crypto community. Near the end of 2016, Sminem’s image made its way into forums and IRC channels for crypto enthusiasts. Sminem found a home with bullish traders, even getting featured in various YouTube videos and https://beaxy.com/ subreddits. Unlike its green counterpart, the Pink Wojak meme represents the crushing regret and self-hatred among those who invested heavily in cryptocurrency and may be facing an impending crash. Bart patterns typically make an appearance during quiet sessions, waking the market with a big spike, followed by small price consolidations, and then another spike that is at least comparable to the first. At the time of publication, the price of Ethereum is still up over 3% on Wednesday and swapping for $460 per coin.


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