19 Oct
October 19, 2020

[Music] so Gina what are we going to learn today alright so let’s learn how to make a five-paragraph let me first start by saying the five paragraph essay isn’t necessarily only five paragraphs sometimes it’s called the five section essay because the five sections each section can have more than one paragraph the first thing you need to do is decide your main idea or work off the assigned main idea and take that main idea and come up with three supporting details three supporting ideas these three supporting ideas will end up making the body paragraphs of your five paragraph essay so it’s important to start out with some sort of prewriting to determine what’s your main idea and what your three supporting ideas will be so Gina why don’t you walk us through some of the steps and let’s say I make it about lady gaga and I’m going to have a first paragraph which is going to be my introduction and in my introduction I’m going to use some things that I’ve learned in my research and stuff that’ll really gets the reader’s attention that will make them kind of want to read on maybe throw in a couple cool facts a couple did you knows stuff like that and after that I’m going to move on to my second paragraph which is a body section and in it I would probably talk about her early life where she was born where she grew up where she went to school who her family was that kind of stuff and in my third paragraph which is another body section I’m I would talk about and how she got her start how she was discovered what she did to work up to where she is now and then I’ll move on to my fourth paragraph which is another body section and that will talk about how what she’s doing now her new album a lot stuff like that and then my fifth paragraph will be my conclusion that’s kind of a summary of all the paragraph it’s tying them all together and it’s just a really good closing statement you know I’ll probably talk about the work that she does how much I like it how I wish she’d be around for a while and just kind of close it there so click recap this is an interesting graphic that you might want to pay attention to five paragraph essay first paragraph is the introduction second third and fourth paragraph are the body paragraphs and the fifth paragraph is the conclusion that is where it gets the name the five paragraph essay and not in high on life you


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