26 Oct
October 26, 2020

since today we will discuss about the topics which involve the key which will in all the case study for business studies the one monkey studies will be preferably from the topic like rights of consumer you can be asked about right to secret wrestle right to safety and so on second will be regarding the factors factors affecting fixed capital working capital capital structure the other one can be regarding the features or importance of Management the next one will be from redressal agencies the dresser agencies like district forum state forum and National Forum which can basically include the amount limits that to what amount the complaint can be given for the district forum with the state forum or the national forum the next will be the case studies for three marks it made involve the principles of management it can be on the money market instruments types of the plans like strategy rules etc the third is four to six MUX case studies it involves the case study with respect to the barriers of communication which is very likely to be your exam second is regarding the styles of leadership that is autocratic democratic third one can be from the techniques of scientific management that will be with respect to functional form and shape differential peace rate system the next one can be from controlling controlling process very very important as well as relation between planning and controlling the next might involve a monetary and non-monetary incentives of motivation the most important will be from sale promotion techniques like rebate discount etc the other one can be from delegation and decentralization [Music] the four six marks can be from functions of management are functions of marketing you can be given the one function and you can again you have to identify which function it is all about the next can be from the factors affecting drive mix or the channels of distribution that is the topic concerning the four p’s of marketing mix [Music] next can be from the types of organizational structure like functional divisional organizational structure last we’ll consider about the dimensions of business environment we have to answer that which all business environment dimensions are there in the case study like legal social political etcetera these are the most likely topics for your case study in your example don’t leave any of these topics the more videos I’ll upload soon


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