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September 24, 2020
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Although estrogen is the primary woman’s hormone, women also produce testosterone and other androgens like DHEA. As the body ages, women may begin to convert these androgens to DHT , a more potent form of testosterone. Some have normal testosterone but still show signs of testosterone insensitivity such as acne and facial hair. The testosterone of PCOS is usually caused by insulin resistance. Estrogen is your friend when it’s appropriately balanced with progesterone.

Obese men with metabolic syndrome tend to have lower Sex Hormone Binding Globin levels. While one would think this would provide more bioavailable testosterone, it does not. Obese men tend to aromatize estrogen more than the normal weight individuals. Given the higher density of adipose in obese men, which is the primary source for aromatase, more testosterone is broken down into estrogen. Elevated estrogen, via negative feedback on the pituitary gland prevents testosterone production.

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It stabilizes your mood, provides energy, and contributes to a healthy sex drive. However, too much estrogen caused by weight gain, perimenopause or toxicity from exposure to endocrine disruptors , can lead to thinning hair. Also, during and after pregnancy, for example, estrogen levels peak and then dip, causing sudden hair loss for many women.

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  • This can reduce the risk of bone loss, cardiovascular disease, and other hormonal imbalances.
  • You may also find that your bones fracture or break more easily.
  • A diagnosis of low estrogen followed by treatment can prevent many health issues.
  • Talking with a psychologist or psychiatrist is part of any treatment for gender dysphoria.

The balance should be focused on the ratio of testosterone to estradiol levels in addition to keeping estradiol within a specific therapeutic range. In men on Testosterone therapy who look to optimize performance, sex drive, muscle growth and weight loss, estrogen management must also be a component of therapy. Evidence from animal models demonstrates this independent role of estradiol in erectile function.

Furthermore, elevated Leptin levels in obese men prevents LH release from the pituitary gland further reducing testosterone levels. Men with reduced testosterone levels are subject to increasing weight gain, depression, loss of muscle mass and erectile dysfunction cbd effects among others. It is important for any man who is undergoing to undergo testosterone replacement therapy or estrogen management, to understand that estrogen plays a pivotal role during treatment. The goal of therapy should not be to lower estradiol levels to undetectable levels as this could affect male sexual behavior, desire and erectile function.

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Clearly, the effect of estradiol on male sexual desire is linked to testosterone levels, as there are different outcomes when estrogen is administered at low and normal testosterone levels. Another example of this duality is seen in men with androgen resistance, where unfettered estrogen is able to stimulate subsequent breast development.


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