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Zane is often inclined to speak more honestly about emotions that others would tend to mask, like grief or confusion. Initially, Zane was melancholy over his inability to remember his parentage or where he came from. He eventually accepted the ninja as his family and that their home was his home, but he never truly gave up on finding details of his past.

  • The ninja playset features a prison cell inside a dragon’s head, a dangerous trap disguised as a leaf, hidden shooters, and a stone pillar that can separate into 3 characters.
  • He is similar to several mentor characters from other franchises.He is similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda from Star Wars, the three of them being masters.
  • Wyldstyle faces off against General Mayhem where her helmet gets removed.
  • In order to aid him, he uses Borg’s technology to copy Zane’s design and create an army of Nindroids.
  • She was referred to by Vitruvius as “Cleopatra” in the part where she is shown trying to get an asp away from her.
  • Finally, download and install the emulator which will work well with your PC’s hardware/software.

He easily blasted Lloyd into an unconscious state with no effort whatsoever. LEGO NINJAGO Ride Ninja In their final battle, Zane dominated Lloyd and froze him halfway. The Ninjago TV series was launched to coincide with the release of its product line, Lego Ninjago in January 2011.

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In Season 10, he is released to help the Ninja defeat the Oni, after which he walks free. Because of his Oni heritage, Garmadon has lived for over a thousand years. He frequently wields three-pointed shuriken and, more recently, a bow and arrow. Zane is intelligent and calculating, often providing intel to the Ninja when required. Initially, he lacks normal social skills, such as a sense of humour, but it is later revealed that Zane is secretly an android (or “nindroid”), a fact unknown to both the Ninja and Zane himself.

They consult King Vangelis, but he reveals that he is the Skull Sorcerer. Vangelis presses a button that opens a trap door and Cole, Wu and Vania fall into the abyss. After a safe landing at Rock-Bottom, Wu, Cole, and Vania are met by Fungus, Korgran and Plundar who call themselves “The Lowly”.

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However, when the ninja use their elemental powers against the dark cloud, they discover that they have no impact. With no other choice, the ninja release Garmadon from prison and form an uneasy alliance with him in an attempt to defeat the oni and save Ninjago from the darkness. In the First Realm, the ninja are hunted down once again and captured, so Wu promises to lead Iron Baron to the Dragon Armour.

Borg tells the ninja they can reboot the system and destroy the Digital Overlord by going into the Digiverse. They reboot the station by using the Golden Power and Lloyd escapes, but the Overlord manages to escape the digital realm half-formed. Lloyd then gives up his remaining Golden Power at the Temple of Light by restoring the elemental powers of the original four ninja. After Kai is captured by Pythor and the nindroids, the ninja discover a rocket named Arcturus that the Digital Overlord intends to use to retrieve the Golden Weapons from space. After freeing Kai, they stow away on board the rocket and battle the nindroids for the Golden Weapons but fail to obtain them when the nindroids return to Ninjago. Since the defeat of the Overlord, Ninjago has been rebuilt into a futuristic metropolis, and renamed New Ninjago City.


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