International Trade Transactions

The dynamic nature of international trade transactions renders the legal aspects more complex; hence the setting of comprehensive legal frameworks makes it easily accessible to parties in their dealings. However, a certain degree of expertise is required to comprehend and implement the relevant legislation and it is here that we provide expert advice to transacting parties on their rights and duties under the existing legislation.

We advise our clients on financing and collection options, and financing transactions through letters of credit, bank drafts, or other means. We also review transaction documents for compliance with agreed sales terms, and help our clients keep up to date on foreign economies, banking regulations, and business customs and practices.

We advise our clients in export credit insurance services that aim to protect exporters against commercial risks (such as buyer default or slow payment) and/or economic/political risks (including war, riots, revolution, currency inconvertibility, expropriation, and changes in import or export regulations etc).

We also advise on cargo insurance brokerage services that protect against loss or damage to cargo stored in warehouses or in transit to their export or import destinations and assess due diligence on various claims.