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Cargo Survey

Cargo Survey We also provide consultation and survey on Cargo. We Provide legal advice on cargo claims or any dispute arising from loss or damage of cargo. Our Experts also provide advice on packaging and storage.


Transport & Global Logistics

Transport & Global Logistics There are many risks at every stage of transportation of goods running from cargo retention by carrier to cargo arrest by state authorities or facing contentious matter of Demurrage, Lay time, cargo forced storage, absence of Bill of Lading or Deviation etc. We work on a project basis by exploring all […]


Shipping & Admiralty Matters

Shipping & Admiralty Matters Our Maritime experts have acquired and developed exceptional skills and knowledge in the field of shipping law and practice. They have a sound approach and understanding of how this niche practice of law operates across all spectrums of dry shipping, admiralty matters, logistics operations, transactional activities, and arbitrations. Dry shipping includes: […]


International Trade Transactions

International Trade Transactions The dynamic nature of international trade transactions renders the legal aspects more complex; hence the setting of comprehensive legal frameworks makes it easily accessible to parties in their dealings. However, a certain degree of expertise is required to comprehend and implement the relevant legislation and it is here that we provide expert […]


Port And Facilities Management

Port And Facilities Management Our Port and Facilities Management consultants have acquired throughout their respective professional career’s considerable knowledge and expertise in terms of efficient and competitive port management Technics. They are aiming to support any port communities project in developing countries by working hands in hands with port operators to add value to the […]


ADR & Arbitration

ADR & Arbitration The new trend of doing business between states, individuals, or corporates in many aspects of international trade, commerce, and domestic or foreign investments has favoured international arbitration as a principal method of resolving disputes between parties. This alternative dispute resolution appears to be an effective means of securing a final and binding […]