Our Maritime experts have acquired and developed exceptional skills and knowledge in the field of shipping law and practice. They have a sound approach and understanding of how this niche practice of law operates across all spectrums of dry shipping, admiralty matters, logistics operations, transactional activities, and arbitrations.

Dry shipping includes:

  • International sales contract disputes – letter of credit/documentary credit, FOB, and CIF contracts
  • Charter party disputes – lay time, demurrage, arbitration clauses; safe port; seaworthiness; notice of readiness; breach of warranty; the ‘deemed earned’ clause on freight in a voyage charter; ‘off-hire’ events in a time charter
  • Bill of lading disputes – delivery without production of the bill of lading; ‘through’ bill of lading
  • Cargo claims
  • Marine insurance claims
  • Shipbuilding contract disputes
  • Ship repair disputes
  • Arrest of vessels
  • Arbitration in emerging countries and London.
  • Admiralty includes:

    • Collisions
    • Salvage
    • General average
    • Marine pollution